Hemignathus parvus


The 'Anianiau is the smallest species of Hawaiian honeycreeper. Also known as the Lesser 'Amakihi. This little bird actively feeds on nectar, insects, and fruit.


General: 4 inches in length.

Adult Male: Yellow-green above. Bright yellow underneath. Dark, slightly decurved bill with paler base. Pale legs. No dark lores.

Adult Female: Slightly smaller than male and has duller plumage.

Immature: Similar to female.


Native forests above 3000 feet on Kaua'i.


2-4 eggs. The eggs have a 14 day incubation period. Fledging occurs in ? days. The nest is a cup made from twigs, moss, leaves, rootlets, and grass fibers. It is usually built in the crown of a non-blooming 'Ohi'a tree.

Observed Locations:

  • Kalalau Valley Lookout, Kokee State Park, Kauai, Hawaii

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Kalalau Lookout



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