Turdus migratorius


These pretty birds are often overlooked as being common yard birds. Robins are year round residents, but most come and go throughout the year. Worms and berries are the birds main staple.


Male has a black head, back, and tail. Female is similiar, but more grey than black. Yellow bill with dark tip. Eye bordered with white. Throat is white with dark streaks. White undertail coverts. Dark orange breast on male, lighter orange on female. 9 to 11 inches in length.


Woodlands, forests, grasslands, gardens, and backyards.


Two broods of 3-5 blue-green eggs with a 12-14 day incubation period. Fledging occurs 14-16 days after hatching. The nest is a mud cup lined with soft grass and reinforced with grass and twigs. The nest is usually placed in a tree, on a ledge, or on a windowsill.

Observed Locations:

  • Paso Picaco Campground, Cuyamaca State Park, Cuyamaca (Jan 2001)
  • Fort Rosecrans Cemetary, Point Loma (Feb 2003)
  • Wild Animal Park, Escondido (Feb 2004)
  • Bird and Butterfly Garden, Tijuana River Valley (Dec 2006)

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