Columba fasciata


The Band-tailed Pigeon is a shy forest bird. They primarily feed on acorns, berries and seeds.


14 to 15.5 inches in length. Dark gray above. Purplish head and underparts. Whitish-pale lower belly. Scaly iridescent green nape marked above by a white band. Medium length dark gray tail with pale gray terminal band and squared off tip. Pale gray rump. Yellow bill with black tip. Yellow legs. Red eyes. Sexes similar. Juvenile has gray bill and legs.


Coniferous forests, oak, or pine-oak woodlands.


1 white egg. The incubation period is 18-20 days. Fledging occurs 25-27 days after hatching. The nest is a loosely built platform of twigs built in a tree.

Observed Locations:

  • Robinson's cabin, Palomar Mountain
  • Palomar Mountain State Park
  • Mount Laguna

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M.A. Robinson Photo



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