Tyrannus vociferans


Like other flycatchers, these birds can be found perching in a tree as they wait to swoop down and feed on insects. Will also feed on smaller quantities of fruit. Similiar in appearance to the Western Kingbird, which lacks the white throat and has white outer tail feathers. Cassin's Kingbirds prefer dryer landscapes.


Dark olive-gray upperparts and chest. Yellow lower breast, flank, and belly to undertail coverts. White throat. Dark wings and tail. Black bill. Unforked tail. Sexes similiar. 7 to 9 inches in length.


Open woodlands, savannas, pinion-juniper woodlands.


3-5 white eggs with spots with an 18 day incubation period. Fledging occurs 16-17 days after hatching. The nest is an open cup lined with twigs, grass, or animal hair. The nest is usually well hidden on a horizontal tree limb.

Observed Locations:

  • Lake Murray, La Mesa
  • Lindo Lake, Lakeside
  • UCSD, La Jolla

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