Cairina moschata


The only domestic duck not derived from Mallards. This bird is indigenous to South and Central America. Unlike other domestic ducks, Muscovies have the ability to fly fairly well and will often roost in a tree. Impressive, considering this is the largest of all the domestic ducks. They mainly feed on underwater vegetation and seeds.


The original (wild version) of this bird is black and white, but domestication has produced a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, and blue. They have large red warty caruncles around the base of the bill and around the eye. Their feet can vary in color from bright orange to black. They have strong, sharp claws on their feet. The black and white birds may have a green-blue irridesence on the black feathers. 25 to 34 inches in length.


Lakes, ponds, farms, and suburban areas.


15-16 white eggs with an incubation period of 35-37 days. They will have up to 3 clutches in a year.

Observed Locations:

  • Lake Murray, La Mesa
  • Lindo Lake, Lakeside

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