Eugenes fulgens


This large hummingbird flies more slowly than the smaller hummers, sometimes it will even glide. Besides feeding on nectar from flowers and feeders, this bird is more of an insect gleaner than other hummer species.


General: 5 inches in length.

Male: Dark green upperparts. Metallic green throat. Iridescent purple crown and forehead. Black chest. Has a white spot behind its eye. Gray undertail coverts. Black forked tail.

Female: Olive-green upperparts. Dull gray underparts. Has a white spot behind its eye. Light streaking on throat. Dark rounded tail with grayish-white corners.


Canyons, pine-oak woodlands, and streamsides. This bird is found exclusively in southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and western Texas. Winters in Mexico.


2 white eggs. The eggs have a 16? day incubation period. Fledging occurs in ? days. The nest is tiny and made from lichen and plant down; built on a tree limb.

Observed Locations:

  • Kate Sessions Park, Pacific Beach

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Matt Sadowski Photo
1st State Record



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