Anser cygnoides


Domesticated from the Swan Goose in Central Siberia over 2,000 years ago, the Chinese Goose is the smallest of all domestic geese. It is sometimes referred to as the "Swan Goose" because of its graceful manner. There are two varities of the Chinese Goose, White and Brown. The original variety is similiar to the Brown Chinese Goose. Because they eat grasses and weeds these birds are often bred and used for "weeding" purposes. They have also been considered good "watch-dogs", as they can be quite aggressive and vocal when threatened.


All White plumage. Bright orange bill with a large knob at the base. Bright orange legs and feet. Blue eye. Short, upward held tail. Female has a smaller body and bill knob.


Lakes, ponds, and farms.


40-100 white eggs in a year; considered the best egg-laying goose.

Observed Locations:

  • Lake Murray, La Mesa
  • Lindo Lake, Lakeside

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