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Willet at Sunset
ID: 330_3073

Solitary Sandpiper
ID: IMG_4452

Western Sandpipers
ID: 360_680

Rufous Hummingbird
ID: 302_0219

Yellow-rumped Warbler
ID: GG1G0623

Least Sandpiper
ID: IMG_0630

Tricolored Heron
ID: IMG_0741

Pine Warbler
ID: IMG_1075

Greater Roadrunner Portrait
ID: IMG_3348

Greater Roadrunner
ID: IMG_3372

Lesser Nighthawk
ID: IMG_1531

White-headed Woodpecker
ID: IMG_3381

Cackling Geese
ID: IMG_3489

Canada Goose
ID: IMG_3531

Snow Goose Landing
ID: IMG_3954

Plumbeous Vireo
ID: IMG_6389

Double-crested Cormorant
ID: IMG_7179

Belted Kingfisher
ID: IMG_7592

Brown Pelican Face On
ID: IMG_7221

Black-crowned Night-heron
ID: IMG_7447

Brown Pelican
ID: IR1O3134

Burrowing Owl Portrait
ID: IMG_8176

Lawrence's Goldfinch
ID: IMG_9039

Eared Grebe
ID: IMG_9813

Cactus Wren
ID: IMG_9917

Male Wood Duck Portrait
ID: IR1O4940

Male Wood Duck
ID: IR1O5038

Burrowing Owl
ID: IR1O3694

Mourning Dove
ID: IMG_2679

Song Sparrow
ID: IR1O8182

Great Egret in White
ID: IR1O5187

Western Gull
ID: IR1O5838

Ring-billed Gull
ID: IR1O6270

Black Skimmer
ID: IR1O6443

Black Skimmer Portrait
ID: IR1O6581

Vermilion Flycatcher
ID: IMG_5083

Female Wood Duck Portrait
ID: IR1O4687

Anna's Hummingbird Nest
ID: GG1G0201

Yellow-rumped Warbler
ID: IMG_2724

Little Blue Heron Face-On
ID: IR1O9126

Black-crowned Night-Heron
ID: IR109878

Costa's Hummingbird
ID: IMG_2457_58b

Snowy Egret Landing
ID: _R1O9747_48

Sanhill Cranes in Flight
ID: IMG_1547_b

Black Oystercatcher
ID: IMG_9743

Curious Red-tailed Hawk
ID: IMG_8303

Lightning Over NM Desert
ID: IMG_7133BW

Canada Goose Landing
ID: IMG_2499_b

Costa's Hummingbird
ID: IMG_2437

Snow Goose
ID: IMG_3969

American Wigeon
ID: IMG_5192

Black-Crowned Night-Heron
ID: IMG_8091

Red-Tailed Hawk
ID: IMG_8248